Groundwater Levels at Selected Observation Wells in the South Coast of Puerto Rico

Depth-to-water is measured periodically to evaluate hydrologic conditions at important aquifers throughout Puerto Rico. Using this information water-level measurements from observation wells can be computed to understand the hydrologic stresses acting on aquifers and how these stresses affect groundwater conditions. The schematic below shows depth-to-water information for selected continuous recording observation wells along the South Coast aquifer, Puerto Rico.

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Well Depth: 144 feet Well Depth: 49 feet Well Depth: N/A Well Depth: 51 feet Well Depth: 87 feet
Hole Depth: 150 feet Hole Depth: 49 feet Hole Depth: 70 feet Hole Depth: 52 feet Hole Depth: 87 feet
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Note: Thresholds established by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (PRDNER)

Water level icon Water level Blue square icon Optimum condition Yellow square icon Observation Orange square icon Operational Adjustment Red square icon Critical condition